"Why is Hellmann the right place to be?"
Dina Begic, Export Operator Air/Sea
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Dina has finally found her right place to be at Hellmann. Do you want to know what she likes so much about working at Hellmann? Then read through Dina’s story:

Dina Begic
Export Operator Air/Sea
Hi Dina, great that you like to share your story. What is your current job at Hellmann and what does your work involve?
I am currently the export operator sea/air for Hellmann Adelaide. My tasks range from providing shippers with schedules, flights to fit their company needs, filing & providing necessary documents to clear their cargo for exporting, making sure they understand international laws when moving cargo in each country, collecting cargo from shippers in the allocated time frame to meet deadlines from s/lines or a/lines.
That was all quite new to you as you hadn’t worked in logistics before, right? What excites you the most about your job at Hellmann?
I think the most exciting thing is making the world go around. Literally – shipping is very important to everyday life and that’s one of the main factors of our economy, especially when supporting Australian businesses to export overseas.
You’ve been with Hellmann since June 2022. Do you still remember your first day? What was it like?
Fantastic – the team here in Adelaide made me feel a part of them from the second I walked in the room.
That sounds like a warm welcome and a great start! Now that you’ve been with Hellmann for quite some time - what has your career at Hellmann been like so far?
So far at Hellmann it’s been an overwhelming ride. I am constantly learning new things, meeting new people whether it’s within the company or our co-loaders/transport companies etc. especially our loyal clients. I can’t say much as I still feel like it’s the beginning.
And if you reflect on your own career at Hellmann - what has been your greatest professional success so far, and is there a project you are especially proud of?
I am proud of how far I have come in the last seven months – I didn’t know anything about logistics, nor did I think I would enjoy it as much as I do. My greatest success is being able to understand how the industry and our internal system works which I then get to help other staff members that are new to Hellmann as well. I don’t have a particular project that I am proud of – I am proud of every project I receive, big or small as long as the client is satisfied then I am proud.
So your development journey continues – that’s terrific. How do you experience the working atmosphere at Hellmann?
Working at Hellmann is wonderful. It’s fun and interesting and everyone is so lovely and always there to help. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for. The atmosphere is very vibrant – there’s always something going on whether it’s good or bad. We are always, and I can’t stress this enough, having a laugh in the office and it makes the day go quicker.
That’s sounds like a great team! And from you experience: Why do you consider Hellmann to be a great place?
The staff of course make Hellmann a special employer, we, as a company, I have realised are very diverse and everyone is understanding and always there to help each other out. Hellmann makes their staff feel important and worthy and I think that is hard to find these days within companies – but not Hellmann.
The staff of course make Hellmann a special employer, we, as a company, I have realised are very diverse and everyone is understanding and always there to help each other out.
It sounds like you really like working at Hellmann but cross your heart - what about Mondays? Don’t you know that typical Monday feeling? Do you get over it quickly?
‘Mondayitis’ as I call it. I get over it quickly with Hellmann because it is a supportive and safe environment and it’s easy to get over hurdles; especially the ones that come on a Monday morning.
Dina’s application tips:
My tips for application is to be yourself and to be honest and to always point out your weakness’s as sometimes it’s not always about the positives, as well as being open to learning.