"Do you want to know, how to grow with Hellmann?"
Jordan DiCello, Air Import Operator
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Since he started working at Hellmann, Jordan has not only gained a lot of professional experience, but has also developed personally. This is Jordan’s story:

Jordan DiCello
Air Import Operator
Jordan, it is great that you are open to sharing your story. Maybe you could start by telling us, what your current position is and what responsibilities you have?
My task as an air import operator is to coordinate with the airlines and client to ensure a smooth transition from airline to customer. Currently I process the documents into Hellmann’s system so the customs brokers can clear the goods. Then I would arrange delivery and send the invoice to the customer.
And you have been with Hellmann since April 2022, right? What was your first impression of Hellmann when you joined us back then?
I was coming from a smaller company so it felt like I was walking into a much larger company. Everyone felt a lot more professional.
That sounds like a big change and very exciting! And what would you say, what has your career at Hellmann been like since then?
It has been challenging, since I have never worked in air operations. I have learned a lot in this short space of time.
Impressive, that you dared to take the step into a completely new job field! Now, what excites you most about your job?
The opportunities of learning more of the air side of freight forwarding. The people in my department teach me new things every day. I am currently working on learning the air export side of things [as] I’m transitioning from air imports to air exports.
It is great that your development journey at Hellmann is still ongoing. From your perspective, why do you consider Hellmann a great place to be?
What makes Hellmann special as an employer is the amount of support and learning opportunities there are. The sense of accomplishment after a busy week or day makes Hellmann a special place to work at. [And in addition] I value the recognition and appreciation of employees’ hard work from the managers and leaders at Hellmann.
What makes Hellmann special as an employer is the amount of support and learning opportunities there are.
Jordan, so how would you summarize, what working at Hellmann means to you?
The professional growth, Hellmann has provided me, has allowed me to have more confidence in myself and I now feel that I can overcome most hurdles on a day to day basis. I don’t think I would have learned most of the things I do on a day to day basis at any of my old jobs. This helps me measure the scope of where I think I can go with my careers in logistics while working with Hellmann.
Jordan’s application tips:
Show that you have a genuine interest in the job you are applying for.
Be yourself and authentic in your application.