"How to collaborate worldwide to exceed customers’ expectations"
Kim Isdale, Customer Service Operator
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Do you want to know why collaboration at Hellmann knows no boundaries? Hear Kim’s story:

Kim Isdale
Customer Service Operator
Kim, thanks for sharing your experience with Hellmann! Your journey in the logistics industry started almost 10 years ago in 2014, when you were on a working VISA in London, but how did you end up with Hellmann?
I was looking to make the move over to International Freight Forwarding and while researching different positions that were available at the time, I was really impressed with Hellmann’s values, the opportunities for growth and their large network all around the world.
So you had a good impression of the company and were convinced to apply. What was the impression when you actually started at Hellmann?
That everyone was so nice and welcoming and constantly offered support if ever I needed it. Even from Hellmann offices overseas! It was very refreshing.
And now you are here, working in Customer Service. Why did you choose this job, where did your interest in this field arise from?
I have always been involved in Customer Service in one way or another for the entirety of my professional life. Helping customers achieve their goals is something that I’m really passionate about and at Hellmann, it’s no different. Working with all different types of businesses who transport all different types of commodities all around the world and the planning required in that, is just so interesting to me.
Can you explain that a little more? How would you describe the daily work as a Customer Service Operator?
The Customer Service team is like the glue that connects all the moving parts together. We try to be as proactive as possible in making sure all the different pieces of the puzzle are aligned so that freight is moved in line with our customer’s expectations. To do this, we liaise regularly with our contacts in different Hellmann branches around the world, international suppliers, our customers in Australia and our local Hellmann team to answer customer queries and ensure that Hellmann continues to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations when we can, so that they keep coming back.
Sounds like there is a great sense of collaboration, even worldwide. Is this something that makes working at Hellmann special to you?
I feel as though the worldwide reach of our network at Hellmann is pretty unique and the sense of community within that network is pretty special.
I feel as though the worldwide reach of our network at Hellmann is pretty unique and the sense of community within that network is pretty special.
And how do you experience the collaboration and the teamwork locally?
Since most of the employees in the Brisbane branch are relatively new, we are quite often checking in and bouncing ideas off each other. It’s been a great opportunity to collaborate in the interest of improving processes since we all come from different backgrounds and experience.
Kim, if you had to describe what working at Hellmann means to you in only two sentences, what would they be?
Collaboration with local colleagues as well as those in our overseas offices to find optimal solutions for our customers that are unique in their high standard and efficiency. It also means a sense of community, all working towards a common goal which is to exceed our customer’s expectation always.
Kim’s application tips:
Just be yourself and present the unique attributes that you personally can offer to Hellmann. Experience is great of course, but attitude and drive is something which can’t be taught.