"Our employees keep the world moving."
Sam Palani, Warehouse Manager
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Do you want to know what atmosphere to expect, when working at Hellmann? Sam will tell you:

Sam Palani
Warehouse Manager
Sam, we are excited to get insight into your Hellmann story! You are an "old hand" in the industry, so to speak. How long has your logistics journey been so far?
I completed year 12 and I have been in the logistics and warehousing industry since 2006.
And at Hellmann, what is your exact role and what are your tasks?
Warehouse Manager, responsible for all warehouse functions and ensuring we provide [the] best service to our clients and create [a] positive and safe environment for the warehouse team.
That is a position with a lot of responsibility. How would you describe your career path as Warehouse Manager at Hellmann so far?
It’s been great and I am enjoying the challenges.
And do you remember the very beginning of your path? How was your first day and impression of working at Hellmann?
Was a good day with a lot of support that I had from the team here in Hellmann [and the] Impression was that I am joining [a] great established company.
Sounds great. Supporting each other is an important factor. Is it still the same in your team? How would you describe it?
Hard working with “can-do”-attitude and teamwork values.
Sam, from your perspective, what can someone look forward to most when working at Hellmann, what is it like?
Family oriented culture