"How does the family feeling in Perth look like at Hellmann?"
Sean Guyon, Western Australia Branch Manager
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Sean experiences a family atmosphere in Perth which is characterized, above all, by mutual support. Would you like to gain more insights into what working at Hellmann is like? Then read Sean's story:

Sean Guyon
Western Australia Branch Manager
Sean, it’s awesome that you are willing to share your story. Would you tell us, what’s your current position at Hellmann and what your job looks like?
I am currently the Western Australia Branch Manager. My main role is to manage the Perth Branch – from overseeing the freight forwarding operation, to handling financial requirements to future planning.
And what excites you the most about that job?
The global aspect of the business. I enjoy not just working with my local team but working with offices around to meet client requirements. We are helping facilitate trade and assisting local clients expose their business to worldwide markets. As Perth is a smaller branch, we are very hands on with the freight forwarding operation. My team usually is involved in the process from start to finish.
You’ve been with Hellmann for more than 17 years now. That’s impressive! Can you remember your first day of working at Hellmann, what was your first impression and did it prove true?
Great, the business has always made new people feel welcome and it had a family feel to it. The people here are great and always happy to assist whenever needed.
This sounds like a real family! And how would you describe your team?
Very hard working and always looking to help other members out. Being a small office, if one department is quiet, the staff are always helping out who is busier.
So the teams support each other – just like a family does. And if you reflect on your own career, what has been your greatest professional success so far?
Just the ability to be able to grow and learn all aspects of the business. It’s good to have the knowledge so people with less experience can come to me for help.
Hellmann is always looking at ways to improve. They never seem to be complacent and always looking at opportunities to grow.
As we already mentioned before, you’ve been with Hellmann for a while now – what has made you stay?
Hellmann is a great employer – still here 17 years later. They have always been understanding and always willing to provide challenges for you to grow. Hellmann is always looking at ways to improve. They never seem to be complacent and always looking at opportunities to grow. It’s great to be a part of that and constantly learn.
Sean, if you would sum it up for us – For you what does it mean to work at Hellmann?
Hellmann gives a great FAMILY feel for such a large corporation. On a daily basis I work with people around the globe to help meet client goals.
Sean’s application tips:
Just be willing to learn and be involved in as many departments as possible. It will allow you to gain a full scope of the business.